New Outboard Motors
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Honda Dealer –  New Outboard Motors

Honda Engines Offer Solid, Powerful Performance

We provide the engineering innovations and precision manufacturing of Honda motors. You have a wide selection of engines representing all sizes. Honda offers portables from 2 to 20 HP, mid-range motors from 25 to 90 HP, large motors from 115 to 250 HP and Jet Drives from 65 to 105 HP. View all models of Honda’s new outboard motors on their website at  or visit us at St. Lucie Outboard Marine for a first-hand look.

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Hondo Outboard 250 on a Sea Chaser - We Have Both!

Honda engines offer reliability and ease of maintenance. They are built to be among the quietest motors you can buy. The fuel efficiency of Honda lets you have more fun on the water in Fort Pierce and along the Treasure Coast at a great savings.

The innovative features and technology of Honda engines can’t be found in any other motor. The four-stroke engines run quieter, have greater fuel efficiency and also burn cleaner. Honda is committed to reduce the environmental impact of its products by utilizing its improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

You receive a transferable, non-declining warranty straight from Honda, which makes sure it is the best in the business.

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The warranty remains the same on the last day as it does on the first.



Suzuki Dealer – New Outboard Motors

Suzuki for Offshore Fishing, Cruising or Family Fun


Suzuki offers V6 engines from 200-HP to 300-HP. You get smooth shifting from its fly-by wire control and throttle response. The four-stroke motors provide increased fuel economy and reduced emissions for environmental friendly enjoyment on the water.

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Suzuki Dealer, St. Lucie Outboard Marine has New Outboard Motors

View Suzuki’s new outboard motors here.

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Midsize motors range from 40 to 175-HP with outboards that deliver reliability and excellent throttle response. You can also count on Suzuki’s four-stroke portables from 2.5-HP to 25-HP.




Yamaha Dealer – New Outboard Motors

Yamaha for Reliability and Performance

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Yamaha Dealer, St. Lucie Outboard Marine in Fort Pierce on Treasure Coast

See Yamaha new outboard motors here or come by your local Yamaha Outboard Dealer, St. Lucie Outboard Marine in Fort Pierce on Florida’s Treasure Coast.

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