Maintenance Free
Outboard Motors From Evinrude

We are Evinrude Dealers and carry 150-HP to 300-HP V6 engines and 115-HP to 130 –HP V4 engines from Evinrude. You can also get performance-to-the-max with the High-Output (H.O.) engines from Evinrude, ranging from 15- to 250-HO.

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Evinrude New Outboard Motors E-Tec - Low Maintenance Money Saver

Why buy Evinrude? These outboards provide years of maintenance-free enjoyment, thanks to high performance gearcases and advanced fuel injectors. Spend more time on the water! Less time waiting for service! Besides our boys in the tech department love a good vacation from repair work.

Evinrude E-TEC motors provide you with 3 years or 300 hours of enjoyment out on the water with no inspections, adjustments, changing gearcase lube or spring tune-ups. This saves you up to an extra $1,850.

Check out the maintenance calculator and settings to compare the savings with an Evinrude against other engines at the Evinrude website for new outboard motors.

Below is an excellent video describing the performance of this fine outboard motors.


SAVE Money on Parts Replacement
Fewer Parts on New Outboard Motors

With the Evinrude two-stroke outboard engines, you’ll get 195 fewer parts than a four-stroke. Having an Evinrude means no valves, belts, camshafts or pulleys to adjust or replace because of its maintenance-free guarantee. That brings you additional cost savings.

SAVE on 3-Year, 300-Hour Spark Plugs

The advanced iridium plugs in an Evinrude provide you with a longer lasting, more efficient spark plug. That means more pleasure time on your boat between plugs and service.

SAVE on No Oil Changes

With your Evinrude E-TEC, you’ll put money in your pocket over three years with no oil changes. A four-stroke needs an oil change every six months or 100 hours or sooner. That also means more time on the water.


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BPR Certified Technicians at St. Lucie Outboard Marine

SAVE on Auto Storage

Enjoy fishing in the North if you get a winter warm spell and don’t worry about salt air and corrosion in warmer coastal regions. The Evinrude engine fogs itself automatically in minutes. You can do it yourself.

Portable Engines

Evinrude’s Portable Engines, from 3.5-HP to 15-HP, make an adventure on the water more enjoyable with a flow thru prop for quiet running. Portables have a fast-idle choke system for easier and faster starting, and adjust to steering friction for reduced effort and fatigue. Portable outboards have front mount shift levers, shallow water drive and power tilt for a smooth, effortless ride on the water!

Power and Performance

Evinrude’s instant throttle response provides twice the power strokes of a four-stroke. The super natural, fuel injection and combustion system of the two-stroke provides significantly more torque than a comparable four-stroke. You use less fuel with an engine management system that calculates the precise amount of fuel you need at any give rpm. Higher horsepower for faster speed and less weight for less bow rise allow faster running with better handling.

Savings, power, better performance, better handling and extra time in the water make it a simple choice — the Evinrude choice for new outboard motors.